Personal data protection policy (GDPR) of  AGRIO MZS s.r.o. company


Thank you for your trust and your choice to use services and products of AGRIO MZS s.r.o. company. Your trust is the key for us and therefore we make sure to process all your personal data submitted to us by you in accordance with applicable legislation and the highest standard in this area.

These regulations on the Protection of personal data, prepared in the light of the new Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 27th April 2016, on the protection of individuals in the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ('the Regulation') clarifies which personal data are collected in the context of supplying our services and products, communication with our customers and how our company uses and protects this data.


1.     Who we are and our contact details (Operator)

Agrio MZS s.r.o.

Reg. No.: 48207446

VAT Reg. No.: CZ48207446

seated at Mříč 66, 38203 Křemže

tel.: +420 380 721 111
fax: +420 239 017 750


company registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in České Budějovice, Section C, insert 2790 C


AGRIO MZS s.r.o. is the operator of website

AGRIO MZS s.r.o. is the operator regarding personal data of its customers and potential customers.


2.     Data we process

We do not process any special categories of personal data. We only process common personal data or anonymous online information from our customers or about our customers, in its minimum scope according to which services or products they use, mainly following personal data for these purposes:

• Information necessary for order completion

We process information about our customers which is necessary for order completion. With an individual person in our e-shop it is: name, surname, address, telephone contact and e-mail contact for the customer.


• Communication

For the purpose of communication with our customers or potential customers we collect their basic identification and contact information for usual business communication, or for the purpose of sending information material about our products and services, mainly then their name, surname, e-mail and telephone contact.


• Complaints

For the purpose of processing a goods complaint we process data of our customers which are necessary for complaint processing, mainly their name, surname, address, telephone contact and e-mail contact.


• Web site of our company and its forms

Our company acquires personal data of potential customers from our web site. Through registration or by filling in an interest in a specific service the customer can order goods, products and services of our company or send a request for information.


3.     Data we use

Personal data of our customers are collected according to legal legislation for several purposes, mainly:


• in regards and based on fulfilling  a signed contract, providing a service or delivery of ordered product, for the purpose of unequivocal identification, managing, invoicing and ensuring pre-contractual negotiations with our potential customers. Submitting personal data is, in this case, a contractual obligation and without its provision we would not be able to  conclude a contract with our customer.


• in regards and based on our legal interest, mainly to ensure and monitor standard high quality of provided services and products and therefore to ensure Your satisfaction as well as proving, applying and defending our rights and claims.


• in regards and based on our legal interests and to ensure effective internal administration.


• in regards with sending business and marketing offers to our customers, based on our legal interests which are to achieve our business activities - rentability of provided services and sold products. Because of these offers you have a possibility to learn about our news, services and products.


• based on consent provided by our customer for a specified purpose in given consent.


By an internal company regulation we also ensure and guarantee that obtained personal data will be used for stated purposes only, or for legal purposes, while these regulations apply for each of above stated purposes.


We never publish personal data of our customers anywhere in any way.



4.     Transfer to third countries or international organisations

Within the scope of our personal data processing as the operator, there is no transfer of personal data to third countries, outside of the European Union or to international organisations.


5.     Automated decision making and profiling

From our side, as the Operator, or from the side of our  intermediaries, there is no automated individual decision making in the meaning of article 22 of GDPR


6.     Data we share

We share personal data of our customers in cases where it is necessary only, always in compliance to legal legislation and based on relevant contracts ensuring appropriate personal data protection.


     6.1. Our intermediaries

We share data with the categories of intermediaries listed below:


1. Accounting and economic services

2. Personal services

3. Business representatives

4. Daughter companies


We share personal data in accordance to specific circumstances and purpose based on (i) your consent, (ii) our legal interests - services rentability and (iii) legal interests for purposeful internal administration.


     6.2. Other recipients

We share personal data with legal and individual persons, state authorities and public institutions if we are convinced in good faith that access to this information, its use, keeping and accessibility is necessary for:


• Complying with legal legislation, law process or enforceable government request.

• Application of relevant contractual conditions including investigation of their possible breach.

• Process focusing on fraud management, technical difficulties or safety incidents.

• Protection from rights infringement , assets or our company, customer or public safety in such way as required and permitted by legal legislation.


• We always make sure not to provide more data than necessary to reach given target of processing.


7.     How we can process Your data

As our customer and person concerned, you have the right to decide, within given scope, about the processing of your personal data. You can apply lower stated rights (i) personally at our company seat, (ii) by telephone at: +420 380 721 111: (iii) electronically by e-mail: or (iv) in writing to our company seat. We will try to answer you as soon as possible, no later than one month after the receipt of your request. Should we have doubts about your identity we may request additional identity verification.


8.     Valid legal legislation and regulation ensure that you mainly:

a)    Right to access

You have a right to request a confirmation if Your personal data is being processed and if so, obtain a copy of this data and additional information arising from article 15 of Regulation. In the case that we obtained a large amount of data we may request for your to specify your request to a scope of specific data which we process about you.

b)    Right to correction

To continuously process accurate personal data only we need you to inform us about its change at earliest possibility. In case we should be processing incorrect data about you, you have the right to request its correction.

c)     Right to erasure

Should the conditions of article 14 of Regulation be fulfilled you can request erasure of Your personal data. You can request erasure for example if you had withdrawn Your consent with processing and there is no other legal reason for its processing, or in the case we are processing your data illegally or the purpose for us to process your data has  ceased. But we will not erase your data if it is necessary for proving, applying or defending legal rights.

d)    Right to limit processing

Should the conditions of article 18 of Regulation be fulfilled you can request limitation of Your personal data processing. You can for example request limitation while you are objecting rightness of processed data or when you consider its processing to be illegal and you do not wish for the data to be erased but to be limited while applying your rights. But we will continue to process your data if there still are reasons for proving, applying or defending legal rights.

e)    Right to transfer 

If the processing is based on Your consent or for the purpose of fulfilling a signed contract with you and is also carried out by automated means you have the right to obtain Your personal data from us which we obtained in commonly used machine-readable formate. Should you be interested and if technically possible, we will transfer Your personal data directly to other Operator. This right is not applicable for processing carried out in public interest or exercise of official authority.

f)      Right to disagree with processing

Shall we be processing Your personal data for the purpose of exercising public interest or exercising official authority entrusted to us or should the processing be carried out based on our legal interests  or legal interests of a third party you have the right to object to dissent with such processing. We will limit processing your personal data based on Your objection and if we shall not prove serious, rightful reasons for processing which overweigh Your interests, rights and freedom or reasons for proving, applying or defending legal rights, we will not continue with processing Your personal data and will erase it. You have the right to object to dissent the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes anytime. After raising your objection our company will not process Your personal data for this purpose.

g)     Right to complaint

Should you assume that Your personal data processing contradicts the Regulation you have the right to lodge a complaint with one of the competent supervisory authorities, in particular in the Member State of your habitual residence, place of work or place of alleged infringement. For the territory of the Czech Republic, the supervisory authority is the Office for Personal Data Protection seated at Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7, landline: +420 234 665 800, email:

h)    Right to withdraw consent

Should Your personal data processing be based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent anytime. Withdrawing the consent does not affect already processed data.

Should you decide anytime later that you would like to receive our business and marketing offers about our products and services again, your withdrawn consent (respectively raised objection) can be given again anytime and to any above stated way of contact.


9.     Where we obtain Your data from

Our company obtains Personal data of our customers first and foremost from You, our customers.


10.   How long and where we keep data


We keep personal data of our customers for various periods of time depending on the purpose of processing. In general, we process personal data based on:


a)   consent - for period of time stated in the consent or until it is withdrawn.

b)   for the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations or possibilities - for the time period required by relevant legal legislation.

c)   for the purpose of contract fulfilment - for the time period of fulfilling the contract, or for the duration of  pre-contract negotiations.

d)   reasons of legal interest - for the time period of contract fulfilment, until  objection to data processing, respectively.


11.Transitional provisions of personal data processing obtained before 25. 5. 2018

Our company will continue to process Your personal data obtained and processed for marketing purposes before 25. 5. 2018  after the date accordingly to the purpose. We will carry out the processing based on our legal interest, rentability of provided services and sold products. Our company can contact you for the purpose of direct marketing either in writing, by e-mail, telephone, through automated call system or by any other available form. You have a guaranteed right to object to dissent such processing in accordance to point 5 f) of these regulations.

12. Changes of these regulations

We may be forced to change the wording of these regulations sometime in the future, mainly for the purpose of incorporating changes of legislation or changes of purpose or means of processing. Your rights arising from these regulations or relevant legal legislation will not be restricted. Shall there be changes which could affect Your rights, we will notify you accordingly.


13.Technical-organisation regulations for personal data protection

We commit to implement suitable technical and organisational regulation for personal data protection so there is no unauthorised access to this data or its loss. The operator declares that only authorised personnel bound to maintain confidentiality will have access to this data. The operator has implemented legal and technical regulations for personal data storage protection and personal data kept in writing.

We have tried so these regulations are written as easily as possible, in an understandable way for everybody. But should you have any questions after reading these regulations regarding personal data protection within our company or have any other related initiatives, please contact us via e-mail at:,  by telephone: +420 380 721 111 or in writing at our company address. Please mark the envelope with “initiative - personal data protection".


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